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Why Join Us?

GHATTI, a 501c3 non-profit community organization, is dedicated to empowering people through health and wellness programs.  We are dedicated to empowering people, ages four - adult,  - mind, body, and soul.  Since its incorporation in 2015, and even beyond that, GHATTI has been a community organization desiring to make an impact in the metro-Atlanta area.  Our program implements martial arts, counseling and life coaching, creative arts, technical training, and holistic measures, providing many avenues of engagement for people to develop their mind, body and spirit.

GHATTI has programs to address the needs of our communities, providing mentorship and instruction to help make good choices, providing guidance in healthy lifestyle options such as martial arts, mindfulness meditation, peer counseling and life coaching.  GHATTI also provides opportunities for students to use their creativity, participating in audiovisual/media technology, photography, and droning, which will provide opportunities for recreation as well as workforce development and career exploration. 

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