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Friendly Business Team

Career Resources

Graduate Employment Resources

In a student’s last module/semester, a one-on-one Career Planning Session is scheduled to finalize and launch the job search campaign. During that time, the dedicated Career Services Advisor will:

  • Discuss your career goals, short and long term

  • Review and work together to finalize your resume

  • Discuss the job search strategy and how best to collaborate during the campaign

  • Communicate all related opportunities

Job Resources/Search Engine

In addition to utilizing the resources of the local Career Services Advisor on campus, we assist job-seekers in signing up for online resources for temporary, part-time, full-time, and freelance opportunities.


·      GMIA – Georgia Music Industry Association
NARIP – National Association of Record Industry Professionals.
 GMP – Georgia Music Partners.
Audio Engineering Society (AES) is the only professional society devoted exclusively to audio technology.
Sound on Sound is a resourceful industry magazine.
GRAMMY University is an industry association useful for networking, discovering music business-related          workshops, and finding music-related events.

Industry Freelance Jobs

Social Media Identification

  • LinkedIn is a professional networking and career resource. We help students register and build a professional profile.

  • Facebook allows you to attract fans and connect with others. Create a separate page for your company, artistry, or freelance.

  • Twitter also allows you to connect with fans and other artists. Promote your work and attract a following.

  • DistroKid allows artists to do song splits and get their music distributed and sold on multiple platforms

  • SoundCloud is a free resource to upload and share your music and collaborations.

  • Reverbnation is another free resource to upload and share your music and collaborations.

  • Apple Store, Google Play, etc


GHATTI graduates will be involved with many outstanding production companies, audio/visual service providers, studios, live venues, and radio/broadcasting companies. Many alumni have also been successful entrepreneurs, starting their own studios, labels, and companies. Below is a list of companies that hire qualified candidates;



  • Atlanta Pro AV                                          

  • Audio Visual Labor Services

  • The Atrium

  • The C Room

  • Buckhead Theatre

  • Corporate A/V

  • Crew One

  • Edgewater Studios

  • Encore Event Technologies

  • Gett Productions

  • Icon Studios

  • ZAC Recording

  • Patchwerk Studios

  • Soul Asylum Studios

  • 3 AM Studios

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