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Programs and  Professional Services


Audio Technology – a ground-up approach to understanding signal flow, sound reinforcement, effects, recording, mixing, mastering, live sound, music for film, television, video games, voiceover, and more.

Digital Film – as technology improves, so does the quality of motion pictures. A thorough base of knowledge will be established in understanding cameras, lenses, lighting, techniques, and theory. Students will develop and produce content for assorted mediums like the big screen, the small screen, handheld devices, the web, video installations, and more.

Entertainment Business – a full understanding of how the entertainment industry functions will be established through lectures, textbooks, and a visual education. Understanding various components like film, video, television, music, gaming and the Internet will show students how each component functions independently, as well as in conjunction with other elements of the industry. Students will receive training in business fundamentals, marketing, artist development, entertainment management, entrepreneurship, intellectual property rights, distribution, event planning, common industry structures and practices, effective communication, critical thinking, and research skills.

Graphic Design – learning the basics of imagery through shapes, colors, effects that make up visual art. Understanding what tools have used the creation of graphic art, so students can practice with the latest software and come up with original designs.

Introduction to Information Technology – basic information needed to secure entry-level positions in the industry: understanding software, hardware, communication devices, routing, and basic protocols

Martial Arts/Cardio – Our Masters guide students down a path of self-defense, physical fitness and life enhancing lessons

Nutrition Counseling – Learn proper eating habits, understand how calories, carbohydrates and other nutrients work

Photography – Basic terminology, using different terms, understanding light and colors

Video: Editing – examination of tools and options for manipulation of visual content and development of creative content

Camera Operation – understanding how to shoot images, lighting, and imagery that enhances the storytelling

Recording – teaches the proper way to record video information so it may be edited and watched with engaged interest

Yoga – stretching, breathing exercises to help bring physical and mental flexibility

Internships – Internal / External – preparation for career training within our organization, or with outside organizations. How to be proactive and show initiative in order to get hired.

Professional Services

Christian Counseling

Résumé Development Assistance – GHATTI offers hands-on resume development assistance in the classroom and in one-on-one advising sessions with our Career Services staff. Students and alumni can receive guidance in creating and developing their résumé, cover letters, and portfolios.

Interview Skills Coaching – Students and alumni are encouraged to set appointments and meet with their local Career Services advisor on campus for assistance with their career planning. This includes sharpening interviewing skills and practicing with a Career Services Advisor to prepare for the next job opportunity.

Portfolio Development Assistance – A portfolio of work is critical to landing a career in the creative media industry, and it is best to begin building your portfolio at the start of your education. GHATTI helps you build your professional portfolio to showcase the skills and projects developed during the program. The Career Services team can help advise you on how to organize an effective portfolio.

Job Searching Techniques – GHATTI’s Career Services team assists students and alumni with different resources and methods to search for job opportunities.

Career-Related Workshops – GHATTI’s career-related workshops are open for students and alumni to attend. 

Life Skills Coaching – Learn the skills needed for long-term survival in our ever-changing world.

Employer Hiring Events – Job seekers are prepared with resumes and advised how to dress in professional attire to meet employers for on-the-spot interviews. 

Industry Engagement – GHATTI Advisors are regularly developing relationships with potential employers and seeking out employment opportunities to support graduates and alumni.

  • Virtual, onsite, and offsite employer-related spotlight events, career fairs, hiring events

Classes and Services Offered


  • Lights, Video, and Audio

  • Lighting and Sound Gear

  • Video Gear

Audio Visual 

  • Photography

  • Rigging Setup

  • Staging Rental and Setup


  • Custom Builds Rentals

  • Special Event Lighting

  • Pergolas Railing and More...

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